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Where To Buy an Air Mattress Pump

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Air mattresses have a pump that allows you to inflate and deflate them.

But what if this all-important accessory breaks or goes missing somewhere?

Here are some options where you can purchase an airbed pump.

Original Manufacturers

The first option on this list, and also the most ideal one, is to buy a new one from the manufacturer.

The fact of the matter is that most air mattress manufacturers also sell air pumps separately.

One of the reasons why buying from the manufacturer is the best is that it ensures compatibility with your blow-up mattress at home.

Some manufacturers and outlets even give you a 7-days replacement warranty just in case your air pump is the wrong fit for your bed.

Speaking of warranty, this is also one of the main reasons why you should consider buying from the manufacturer or any of their outlets.

The service and parts warranty assures you that your pump will work correctly for a long time.

Take note that this is most likely the most costly option.

But, considering all its advantages, it’s worth the extra dollars.

Online Stores

This second option might be worth trying if you are not hurrying to get your hands on a new air pump.

Delivery time usually takes more than a day, but your product could arrive later than expected.

So if you need the air pump today, this isn’t a very good option.


Amazon ( is the world’s leading internet shop, an online favorite that sells everything from antique coffee tables and silk suit hangers to the most robust extendable garden hoses.

Amazon is also a primary provider of cloud services.

The chances of finding an air mattress pump under the Best Deals area are slim.

The best way is to type the brand of your air mattress and click “search”.

This should show you various products related to your air mattress, like a spare pump.

If you’re not particular about the brand, search “airbed pump”, and you’ll be presented with various options from different brands to generic air mattress pumps.


eBay is an online shopping platform best known for its auctions and consumer-to-consumer sales.

It is also widely used as a sales channel by internet businesses.

eBay is offered in a variety of countries.

You can even input your zip code to search for products available in your region.

Alternatively, you can look for products that are available both nationally and internationally.

eBay uses a wholesale pricing method within the auction process.

In most situations, prospective customers must bid on products for sale on eBay.

Sellers advertise auction items for three, five, seven, or ten days, and the buyer willing to pay the most significant amount at the end of that time frame gets the product.

Some eBay goods provide a “buy it now” option, allowing a customer to acquire the item immediately, but at a premium.

Like Amazon, you will likely find both brand-new and secondhand airbed pumps on eBay.

Consequently, you should not expect your pump to arrive at your door on the same day.

Facebook Marketplace

Compared to Amazon and eBay, Facebook Marketplace is a relatively new platform.

This does not mean it’s inferior to the first two platforms.

In fact, this may be where you find your next airbed pump.

Under one of the world’s most used social media platforms, Facebook Marketplace is an excellent place to look for anything you need.

With Facebook Marketplace, you can browse, purchase, list, and sell stuff to other users throughout the country.

By default, by typing in your air mattress brand, you can see if someone nearby is selling an airbed pump that fits your bed.

If no one in your city is selling it, Facebook Marketplace will also show listings from neighboring towns.

Facebook Marketplace connects you directly to the person selling the item.

This allows you to inquire about the item or even haggle a little before settling to buy it.

Thrift Shops

Thrift stores are places where secondhand products are sold in person or online.

In-person thrift stores can range from a local garage sale to a community flea market to a larger national chain.

You don’t usually go to a thrift store to buy one specific thing since you never know what you’ll find.

Because charity stores sell donated items, you can find a wide range of sizes and colors and styles that are now out of season or not “on trend.”

That said, you may need to visit more than one thrift shop to find a decent blow-up mattress pump.

This may seem like a turnoff, but your savings could make it worthwhile.

Returns and exchanges are another difference between purchasing at a thrift store and a retail store.

Some thrift stores have various return policies, but thrift shops generally do not accept returns or issue refunds.

Where to Buy an Air Mattress Pump – Conclusion

You may find and buy an airbed pump in a variety of places.

Determine which option is best for your circumstance.

Online stores usually are the most convenient option, but you may find the most significant spending from a physical thrift shop.

There will always be pros and cons.

After reading through the article, you should be able to weigh your options to have a more precise direction towards getting yourself an airbed pump.

A final tip: If you’re having trouble finding a pump that’s the same brand as your mattress, you can opt for a generic one.

Most appliances in the US use 120 volts, but you should always check the label. You might get one that uses 220 volts.

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