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How To Tell If an Air Mattress Is Overfilled (Tips You Should Know)

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When you buy an air mattress for camping and hiking, it’s best to know about its level of air pressure.

Once overfilled, it will be too much for your body.

You can end up with back pain from sleeping on it.

You don’t want to sleep on such a mattress if you wake up with a backache, right?

This article will help you tell when an air mattress is over inflated for you to be aware of, how to fix it, and why it’s important not to overfill.

What’s Wrong with an Over inflated Mattress?

As you already know, an air mattress is an inflatable soft plastic, textile, or rubber used as a bed.

It’s not comparable with a regular mattress in terms of overall support, but it is portable.

As such, you’d like to be as comfortable as possible while using it.

Therefore, you ought to properly take good care of your air mattresses to enjoy them longer.

One of the most basic ways to protect your air mattress is to keep it not overfilled with air.

Why? Because it deteriorates when pumped with more air than it needs.

The inner membrane may burst out, resulting in deformities on the air mattress and making it uncomfortable to use.

It can also create holes which may result in leakage.

You don’t want to wake up on a flat cold surface, right?

So always fill your blow-up mattress with the right amount of air.

How Can You Tell Your Air Mattress Overfilled

1. It looks like it will burst

You will know that an air mattress is over inflated when the skin looks like it will pop or rupture.

This is something you can easily spot.

For example, a balloon filled with more air than necessary would look shinier and more translucent.

You’ll notice a similar thing with air mattresses.

When the air mattress is overfilled, it appears lighter than the one that’s filled correctly.

If this happens, you only need to release some air until the texture should return to normal.

2. There is visible stress on the stitches

When the air mattress is over inflated, you can see the seams of the mattress becoming visible and stretched.

When you see this sign, stop pumping air immediately and release some to avoid overfilling.

Doing this will help protect your blow-up bed.

3. There is a change in the sound of the air blown

If you’re filling or blowing your air mattress, there is a buzzing sound from the pump.

If you hear the sound suddenly change or become high pitch, it is a sign that you have overfilled your mattress.

If that’s the case, immediately stop and release a little air.

Doing so can extend the lifespan of your air mattress.

4. The inner sheet may burst out with deformities on the air mattress

The mattress usually retains its shape when blown or inflated.

If it becomes deformed or if you see some bubbles, it indicates that the airbed is pumped with more air than it should be.

The inner sheet or the interior membrane bursts, thus resulting in deformities.

Remember, the abnormalities will eventually form holes leading to leaks.

5. It becomes hard to pump manually

When you feel difficulty pumping the air mattress, you must stop and check its firmness.

After you’ve assessed that it’s inflated enough, stop immediately to avoid overfilling it.

You can simply determine if the amount you managed to pump into it is correct if the shape isn’t deformed and it’s not too hard nor too soft.

6. The air mattress is as hard as a rock

When you’ve noticed that your air mattress becomes rock-hard, stop immediately and release some air.

It is already an indication that you have overfilled your air mattress.

It can cause you back pain from using it.

And it’s usually the reason why sleeping on an air mattress becomes uncomfortable.

How Much Air Should an Air Mattress Have?

Excessive filling of air mattresses results in unnecessary stress on the seams.

So, how much air do you need in an air mattress?

When using your airbed for the first time, it’s advisable to only inflate it up to about 90% of its maximum capacity.

The blow-up bed is prone to rupturing the more you overfill it.

And the more airbed is over inflated, the more chances of a shorter mattress’ lifespan.

Moreover, the right amount of air will prevent you from experiencing possible pains like backache.

If you’re already suffering from back pain, here are 9 Best Air Mattresses For Bad Back Pain

Final Thoughts on Over-inflated Mattresses

You shouldn’t overfill your air mattress to protect it from early damage.

If you’ve noticed that your blow-up bed is over inflated, immediately do something.

You can follow some tips mentioned above on how to fix it.

Surely your blow-up mattress will last longer to give you comfort and help.

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