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How To Make an Air Mattress Not Squeak (Quick and Easy)

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Keeping an air mattress from squeaking is challenging.

You might spend a lot of time figuring out why your air mattress squeaks and how to fix it.

If you’re looking for an easy way to lessen the noise the air mattress makes while you sleep and you’d like to find out how to make an air mattress quiet, then your search ends here.

Why Does Air Mattress Squeak?

Squeaking or other unwelcome sounds may originate from the air mattress itself.

To identify the problem’s root cause, it’s usually best to test each component separately.

One of the many reasons air mattresses are squeaky is because of the vinyl or plastic material underneath that prevents them from moving or sliding.

In addition, the sound created from the rubbing of the vinyl or plastic material with the hard floor is usually high-pitch and is very irritating.

It can disrupt users from their sound sleep. It could also be due to overuse and time.

Lastly, leaks on the mattress make a hissing and squeaky sound.

Hearing this kind of noise is rather uncomfortable.

How to Stop an Air Mattress from Squeaking

Finding the source of the noises is the first step in repairing a squeaky airbed.

Next, try to solve the issue on your own.

Here are some simple tips:

1. Put a carpet, mat, rug, or blanket underneath the mattress

The mattress’ vinyl bottom creates a squeaky sound once it rubs against a hard floor.

Thus, the squeaky sound can be reduced or eliminated by placing the record on top of a soft surface.

The carpet, rug, mat, or blanket placed underneath helps stop the air mattress from sliding or shifting and the squeaking sound it makes when it rubs against the hard floor.

As a result, you can sleep peacefully without being disturbed by your movements.

2. Use a topper

This is one of the most affordable ways to avoid the squeaky sound of an air mattress.

You can use quilted pads as toppers and your bed becomes softer, and quieter, improving the quality of your sleep.

Moreover, toppers can impart a classic, beautiful appearance besides preventing squeaks.

3. Use of mattress stand, cot, or box spring

In addition to using a carpet, mat, or rug, you can utilize a mattress stand, cot, or box spring to keep the air mattress from sliding or moving.

It helps elevate the air mattress.

Because it can maintain its warm temperature, sleeping on it becomes more comfortable.

They can also make it easier for you to get into and out of bed.

4. Use of bedding or cover

Having the right bedding or cover helps in making our bed the most comfortable.

This comfort also helps in reducing the squeaky sound from the air mattress.

In addition to eliminating noise, the right bedding or cover will shield the air mattress from stains, food crumbs, and vomit.

It can also protect the mattress from pets like cats or dogs that can potentially damage the air mattress.

When your air mattress is maintained, its lifespan effectively increases.

5. Check for leaks on the air mattress

It is essential to check leaks on the mattress from time to time.

Leaks create the squeaky sound of hissing sound which is very irritating.

To stop the squeaky and hissing noise, you must fix the hole once you’ve located it.

By doing so, you can increase the lifespan of the air mattress because you have prevented the leak from getting worse.

6. Change the mattress when necessary

The age of the mattress is also a crucial factor in making it squeaky.

As time pass by, the air mattress may have air bubbles and holes which create leaks.

And as mentioned, these leaks are creating an irritable squeaky sound.

Thus, you need to get a new air mattress for a better night’s sleep.

A high-quality air mattress is preferable so you could enjoy them for longer.

7. Use the air mattress properly

A squeaky sound can happen by air bubbles or holes in the air mattress due to improper use.

To avoid air bubbles in the mattress in the first place, make sure you properly inflate it every time.

After each use, deflate it accordingly as well.

You should avoid loading the air mattress beyond its weight limit.

To prevent this issue, obtain a weight-bearing air mattress, cover the airbed to increase its longevity, and you should be able to prevent air bubbles.

Keep in mind that an air mattress should not be treated as an actual mattress that you can just use and leave.

Evaluate if you should purchase an actual mattress instead.

Final Thoughts on Preventing an Air Mattress From Squeaking

Air mattresses are comfortable and very easy to use.

They’re also easily accessible when you have guests or when going camping.

It can only become uncomfortable when it creates a squeaky sound.

So, how do you stop an air mattress from squeaking? Some strategies include placing a carpet, a rug, a mat, or other materials underneath.

Also, you can use bedding or a cover to protect it and stop the squeaking sound.

In addition to preventing the squeaking sound, a topper, mattress stand, cot, or box spring will protect the mattress.

Proper use and care of an air mattress can stop the squeaky noise from ensuing.

When the air mattress is protected and properly used, it can last longer.

With the tips mentioned above, you can enjoy your air mattress at home and appreciate sleeping on your air mattress more.

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