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How to Fix a Large Tear in an Air Mattress (Incl. Helpful Tips)

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Air mattresses are an excellent choice for people who don’t have enough room for a regular bed.

These are also ideal for those who frequently entertain guests because they can easily be inflated and deflated.

However, these are not exempt from unintentional tears and leaks.

Moreover, they tear if they’re not cared for properly.

The most common type of tear is a large one in the middle, and it can be upsetting.

If you’re wondering how you can fix a large tear in your airbed, then you’re in the right place.

Read on to find out!

1. Start to Pump the Air Mattress Down

As you know, large tears are visible enough for you to solve.

Before you begin, remove any plugs and let the air out.

Then, use your hands to release any remaining air in the mattress trapped inside.

You may need to use a little force to push the trapped air out through the valve.

2. Clean the Tear Part

It’s best to clean the surface to ensure the patch and glue adhere to it.

Moisten the region close to the leak with a wet cleaning cloth.

After using a mild cleaner, such as dish soap or detergent, gently scrub the surface with a cloth to clean up any debris.

Allow the surface to dry out in the air.

If you attempt to attach the patch when your mattress is still damp, it might not adhere well and eventually fall loose.

Deflate the mattress completely.

If there is air within, it can also prevent the glue or patch from creating a tight seal.

It can result in another repair of the hole.

To avoid harming the mattress, use gentle sandpaper and don’t rub it too hard.

3. Apply the Repair Patch

When you buy an air mattress, it usually comes with a patch kit.

This alone will tell you that a tear in your airbed is not out of the ordinary.

These kits typically include an adhesive, an applicator, and patches made of the same material as your air mattress.

If the airbed didn’t come with one or you can’t find it, you can purchase air mattress patch kits online or from physical retailers.

They’re fairly straightforward to find.

Temporary Repair Methods

However, instead of purchasing, you can make your patch kit and serve as a temporary repair method.

The duct tape, thin plastic (vinyl), a piece of cloth, rubber, and a hot glue gun are among them.

A. To temporarily close holes, use Duct Tape.

After cleaning the affected area, place the tape over the hole.

It will eventually come undone, but it will be usable for the night.

Remember that duct tape’s glue loses its hold over time.

So if you intend to use this remedy, you may need to repatch the hole frequently.

B. Use an improvised Vinyl Patch Kit.

A used bath curtain is a perfect substitute if you don’t have a repair kit.

Simply tape over the hole with a large enough piece of tape to prevent further leaks.

To reduce the likelihood of it ripping apart again, shape the corners into curves.

To eliminate air bubbles and ensure a secure seal between the patch and the mattress, press firmly down while rubbing in a circular motion.

C. Make a patch out of Clothing, a Worn-out shirt, or other material in the absence of plastic.

Wrap the patch’s outer edge in the adhesive.

You can completely cover the hole by gently pressing the patch onto the surface of the air mattress.

To avoid a new hole developing the next time you inflate the blow-up mattress, check no glue leaks through the hole and onto the mattress foundation.

Although this repair is not as strong as one made of plastic or rubber, it will suffice until you can make more repairs.

D. Use a Rubber Tire Kit.

You’ll need to place one of the rubber tire kit’s patches over the hole after applying rubber adhesive.

The margins of the patch should extend 1 in (2.5 cm) beyond the hole so that you have everything you’ll need to mend the leak in your air mattress.

To make the patch fit over the hole, cut it with a pair of scissors.

To make the patch less prone to tear off later, round the edges.

Utilize the patch’s sticky backing or rubber cement to affix it to your mattress, and apply rubber cement to the area surrounding the hole to the patch’s back.

Press down hard for the patch to create excellent contact with your mattress.

E. Use a Hot Glue Gun to patch up tears and holes.

Remember not to touch the mattress when using a glue gun.

Avoid getting any glue into your blow-up mattress or on any other area of it.

Otherwise, it can cause your mattress’ sides to wrinkle together or develop fresh tears.

Large tears may come from small ones, so better resolve them earlier.

Place a weight of at least 10 pounds (such as a dumbbell or stack of books) over the glued patch and leave for at least eight hours.

You can never be too careful when it comes to making sure the patch adheres, so make sure to follow the cure time instructions on the adhesive’s label.

4. Verify the Patch’s Perfect Adhesion

Re-inflate the bed after the adhesive has completely dried, then take off the weight and lightly dust the repaired air mattress with talcum powder or baby powder.

Gently press down on the air mattress; you might need to re-apply the patch if the powder starts to fly.

You may practically relax knowing you were successful if it stays there.

How to Fix a Large Tear in an Air Mattress – Conclusion

If you happen to detect a large tear in your air mattress, it’s important to take action as soon as possible in order to prevent further damage.

You also don’t need to buy a new air mattress right away, as following the helpful tips mentioned above may ensure extend your airbed’s lifespan significantly.

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