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How to Find a Hole on Air Mattress (Here’s How)

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Air mattresses are practical, simple to store, and versatile to own.

Sadly though, even a slight leak will cause the sleeper to collapse to the ground by morning.

Finding leaks can be like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Nevertheless, this article aims to make it simple for you to locate that hole.

Check the Valves

Valves are one of the common causes of air leaks in air mattresses.

Fortunately, these are also the easiest to determine.

Step 1

Take the blankets and sheets off the air mattress.

With the bedding in place, you won’t be able to see any rips or holes in the mattress.

Step 2

Place the air mattress where you have room to to flip, inflate, and move it around.

If you’re camping, it is an excellent idea to do this inside a tent to avoid breezes and noise.

Make sure there’s also enough light for you to see more clearly.

Step 3

Fill the mattress up with as much air as possible using its dedicated air pump or other methods.

Remember not to over-inflate your mattress.

Most mattress manufacturers issue warnings that this may result in a mattress bursting.

Fill it up with as much air as possible without risking over-inflation.

Step 4

Doing this first may save you a ton of time compared to searching for leaks using other techniques because valves are a frequent source of leaks.

  • Verify that the valve plug is well seated inside the valve stem.
  • Make sure the valve stem is fully pressed against the stop behind it when using double-locking valves.
  • It is unlikely that you will succeed in repairing the valve if there is a problem with it. If the valve stopper does not seal against the valve stem, insert a small piece of plastic as a temporary repair.

Check the Mattress

If the valve stem is fully forced into the stop behind it and the valve plug is fully put into the valve stem, the valve is not your problem.

You are now prepared to search for a leak on the mattress itself. Here’s how you do it:

Step 1

Add a small amount of liquid dishwashing soap in a spray bottle with warm water.

Mix well to apply an even layer of soap over the entire mattress.

Use a damp, soapy towel instead of a spray bottle if you don’t have one.

You can also do this with a sponge dampened with soapy water or bubble soap.

Step 2

First, spray or wipe the area around the valve.

Bubbles will emerge on the surface as a result of escaping air.

Systematically spray the mattress’s surface.

The seams should come first, then the remaining cloth.

Soap bubbles will indicate the location of the leak.

Do not be concerned if soap gets on the mattress.

The mattress will dry, and you can easily clean it off afterward.

Step 3

Now that you have found the hole, it’s to start marking it.

You can use a permanent marker to mark you air mattress.

Don’t worry, a permanent marker will not bleed on the moist surface of the mattress.

You can also use duct tape or a felt marker to make your mark more visible once the mattress has dried.

Step 4

Dry the mattress for an hour or two in direct sunlight or in the breeze.

Be aware that it will take the longest for the seams to dry so always double check the seams.

Mold and mildew can build on a mattress if it is not dried before storage.

Before you may apply an adhesive patch to fix your mattress, it must be completely dry.

For more advice on how to best repair the leak, it is always good to contact the manufacturer.

Some manufacturers provide free repair kits or propose helpful recommendations that are most suitable for the products they manufacture..

How to Find Hole on Air Mattress – Conclusion

Patching up your air mattress may be a burden when you don’t know where to start.

If you do not address the issue quickly, it may lead to more problems in the future.

Once you notice air leaking out of your air mattress, quickly go over the steps provided above and check for leaks before the problem gets bigger.

It may be a small hole now, but it could escalate quickly.

Patching up the holes on your mattress is the easy part.

The hard part is finding the hole in your mattress.

Hopefully, this article has covered that up for you.

Now it’s time to fix that hole in your air mattress.

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