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How Long Should You Air Out A New Air Mattress (Helpful Tips)

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Is it important to air out a new air mattress?

The answer is a definite yes! You should indeed do that before sleeping on it.

When you purchase a new air mattress and take it out of the packaging, you can instantly smell an offensive odor coming out of the box.

The manufacturing chemicals used in the product last some time but gradually goes away.

The plastic used to seal the goods to prevent scratches may also be another source of the odor.

Remove the plastic wrapping and throw it away (responsibly).

Of course, you don’t want to sleep uncomfortably just because of the smell of your new air mattress, right? But how long will it take to solve this issue?

How Long Should You Air Out A New Air Mattress?

1. You can air a new air mattress for 24 hrs

Airing a new air mattress is very important to remove the smelly odor from the newly manufactured product.

The most effective way is to do it for 24 hours.

This will allow the smell to dissipate leaving the mattress to ready to be used comfortably.

You can sleep on the newly bought mattress as soon as the stench vanishes.

2. Some air mattresses are good to go after 3-4 hours

For some air mattresses with very high quality, you can simply air them out for three to four hours then they’re ready for use.

However, remember that not all air mattresses can be air out for only 3-4 hours.

Most of the air mattresses out there need more time.

Make sure to freshen your new blow-up mattress in an open area.

You can also use a vacuum cleaner to eliminate the remaining dust from the factory, as it also helps remove the smell of chemicals as well.

3. 6 hours could be a good sweet spot

Some mattresses are aired out for 6 hours before they’re ready for use.

Doing this will reduce the smell to a great extent.

Check that you air out all the sides of the air mattress, not just the top area.

Exposing all the sides of the new air mattress near the window or under the sun removes the foul odor and kills bacteria.

And it will be appropriately ventilated.

4. For persistent smells, try 3-7 days

Unfortunately, the niggling smell of a new air mattress can stay for an extended period.

Therefore, airing the air mattress for 3-7 days is recommended if it can’t lose that “new” smell.

Be sure to bring in the air mattress at nighttime to avoid moisture and humidify it.

The humidity can stay on the air mattress if not sun-dried properly.

How Often Should You Air Out Your Air Mattress?

To air out a new air mattress once may not be enough because removing the smell of chemicals from the air mattress can take more time.

For this reason, airing the new air mattress at least once a week for a month is necessary.

People who are sensitive to chemicals, those who have asthma or any lung-related disease can do this.

The stench from the new airbed can trigger a lung-related conditions.

Moreover, chemical smells aren’t the only ones you should worry about.

Airing out your mattress, especially under the sun, can also get rid of bacteria that cause unpleasant odors in your mattress.

Final Thoughts On Airing Out A New Air Mattress

Airing out a new air mattress is very important before using it.

This action removes the smell of chemicals emitted from the new airbed.

Smelling this lingering stench is very uncomfortable.

We don’t want this to be a stimulus for lung-related problems to worsen.

You also don’t want to feel uncomfortable while sleeping with the smell.

And if you can’t avoid using it immediately, use bedding to cover the smell and air it immediately after use.

You can air out your new air mattress for as short as 3 hours, and the manufacturing smell might fade.

If you want the odor to dissipate faster, air it out in a well-ventilated area.

It’s much better if it’s under the sun to properly eliminate the odor.

You can likewise use an air cleanser to reduce the time airing your new air mattress.

If you air out your new air mattress for 24 hours or more, bring it inside during nighttime.

This step avoids moisture which will dampen the air mattress.

Don’t forget that moisture is a haven for most bacteria and viruses.

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