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Air Mattress vs Floor (Incl. Helpful Tips)

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Air Mattress vs Floor: Sleeping on an air mattress is an increasingly popular way to sleep in a hotel or hostel.

It’s comfortable, relatively cheap, and easy to travel with.

But it’s not for everyone.

Sleeping on the floor is a popular way to cut back on costs and reduce the risk of bed bugs, but if you’re not prepared it can prove for a very uncomfortable night’s sleep.

Air Mattress vs Floor

When you’re left without the usual luxury of a spring mattress it can be difficult to know whether it is worth purchasing an air mattress or opting for a quick fix by spending a night or two on the floor. 

Before advancements in human technology, sleeping on the floor was always the norm.

Whether directly on the ground or on top of soft materials, there are still many places around the world where people sleep on the floor without any issues.

Believe it or not, sleeping on mattresses can lead to a variety of health issues in the long run.

Many argue there are no right or wrong ways to sleep at night, but everyone has their own unique preference on how to sleep at night.

With pros and cons to both air mattresses and sleeping on the floor, you should pick what’s best for your own needs.

Inflatable air mattresses may seem like an unnecessary spend if it’s only for a night or two but they can be used for a variety of uses such as camping trips, guest bed options, or even for car road trips.

If you suffer from back problems then you might dread the idea of sleeping on an air mattress just as much as sleeping on the floor, but there are benefits to both of these options. 

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Pros and Cons of Air Mattresses 

Inflatable air mattresses are one of the most popular temporary sleep solutions on the market today.

They are easy to transport and if you choose the right mattress for you they can provide many health benefits such as pain relief, improved blood circulation, and even alleviating backache.

However, with so many varieties on the market today you should always do your research on specific brands to make sure they are giving you the best support possible, otherwise, you may wake up feeling like you didn’t sleep at all.

Health Benefits

One of the most popular benefits of air mattresses is the health benefits that come with regular use.

If you purchase an air mattress designed for regular use then the support provided will be just as good, if not better than a traditional spring mattress

Air mattresses provide better blood circulation as well as the handy ability to deflate or inflate them as much as you want to get your desired preference of firmness.

They provide even weight distribution and regardless of sleeping position will maintain your spine’s natural curvature which combats back pain. 

They also provide great pressure relief, which is why you may see them so commonly used in hospital settings too.

They can alternate pressure points and provide comfort from any pressure sores that could develop over time, making them ideal for comfort and care settings. 


Not only are the health benefits impressive, but there are also several practical benefits to using an air mattress.

They are easy to transport, widely available, durable, and multipurpose. 

If you are planning on only using an air mattress occasionally then you also have the benefit of portability.

They often come with their travel/carry bags so once you’re finished you only need to deflate and pop them back in the bag before popping them away for whenever you need them next.

This means they are convenient for use in any setting and if you are picky about comfort, then you can simply bring your bed with you.

They can also be used outdoors due to the PVC materials used and they’re lightweight making them easy to carry along with you.

Due to these materials, they can also be very easily cleaned with warm water, mild soap, and a microfiber cloth.

This makes them a fantastic option if you suffer from allergies as there is less breeding ground for bed bugs, dust, and other allergens.


Unlike other mattress options, you can customize the firmness of your air mattress which can be a great benefit when being used in the long run to help promote good support for your spine.

Many larger air mattresses on the market today also benefit from dual air chambers meaning you can inflate either side of your air mattress to the users preference and prevent disagreements on what level of firmness you’d like from your mattress.

Usually, to customize your mattress you would have to spend more money on products such as mattress toppers, but with an air mattress, you can simply deflate or inflate it to your preference and keep your hard-earned cash in your pocket a bit longer.


You can usually get air mattresses quite cheap which is great if you only plan on using them once or twice.

However, in the long run, this could cause you some serious discomfort so if you’re looking for a more long-term option then you can pick up an air mattress from many retailers online and in-store for around $200.

We have some great suggestions here on our website if you’re not sure where to look when it comes to purchasing an air mattress so make sure you do your research before spending your hard-earned cash.

The Floor: Highs and Lows

Minimalistic living has fast become a popular lifestyle choice for many in the US today.

With so many cultures around the world sleeping on the floor with no issues, you may be wondering why we started using mattresses in the first place? Without frequent re-purchasing, cleaning and maintenance your mattress can become a trap for bugs, dust and even cause health problems too.

Now, this doesn’t mean it is for everyone, and we’re not suggesting you throw away your mattress and snuggle down on your hard floors.

But for an occasional or temporary sleep solution, we think sleeping on the floor isn’t as bad as many people may think. 

Body Support

Although there is no scientific evidence to show floor-sleeping may improve back pain, there are several facts to support this point.

Soft mattresses do not provide the support needed and often cause your body to sink into them and as comfortable as this may feel, it won’t be doing your spine any good in the long term.

This can lead to your spine curving, which then becomes the back pain we’re all too familiar with.

Firmer surfaces lead to better support on your spine and pressure points such as head, hips, and shoulders meaning your spine will be properly aligned no matter how you sleep.

Many people suffering from sciatica will agree with the fact that sleeping on a firmer mattress has improved the quality of their sleep and given them less pain overall.

This is because a softer surface will stress your joints and not provide the much needed support to keep your body aligned and healthy.

It can also help gain improved posture by keeping your spine straight and avoiding the curve that may lead to poor posture over time.


Believe it or not, sleeping on the floor can be a great way to treat insomnia too.

One of the most common images we have when thinking of insomnia or not being able to sleep at night is “tossing and turning”.

This is often due to the fact you feel like you simply cannot get comfy no matter what you do.

A bad sleep surface may be to blame here, so you may find a transition to sleeping on the floor would be beneficial over time in helping you drift off without too much turmoil. 


We all know in the hot summer months that climbing into bed can get you very hot in a short amount of time.

Often the materials in your mattress will trap your body heat, meaning your mattress won’t be keeping you cool and lead to a hot, sweaty uncomfortable night’s sleep.

The benefit to sleeping on the floor is that the airflow created through lack of materials keeps you cool and comfortable to promote longer periods of sleep without waking in discomfort. 


Although sleeping on the floor may seem ideal as the lack of material can’t harbor dust, mites, or any other allergen triggering products, there is more to consider.

The floor will usually be home to a lot more dust and dirt compared to an elevated mattress, especially on a carpet that can be home to dust mites and mold.

You may find yourself suffering more with trouble breathing, coughing, sneezing, and red itchy eyes that could have a negative impact on your sleep.

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Comparison Air Mattress vs Floor

The main downsides commonly linked to floor sleeping are the issues with temperature regulation.

In the winter you may find the floor can be just too cold and you need some of those familiar warm comforts you can get with an air mattress.

The fact you can customize the comfort and firmness of your air mattress is also a big hit too, meaning you can find the right mattress for everyone’s needs.

Air mattresses are also a much safer option if you are an allergy sufferer. Sleeping on the floor puts you at risk of more exposure to dust, germs, and other allergens meaning that you may not benefit from this method as much as an air mattress.

Air Mattresses also have the benefit of being wipe-clean and made of durable PVC structures that cannot harbor bed bugs and other germs.

When it comes to the argument of portability, price, and ease of use, sleeping on the floor easily answers any questions that may cross your mind when it comes to using and transporting an air mattress.

You can use as many, or as few accessories as you desire.

Some people opt to still use a pillow and blanket, whereas others find enough comfort on the floor to get a great night of sleep without any of these products.

Air Mattress vs Floor – Conclusion

Both floor sleeping and air mattresses can give you a great night of sleep, but although practical and trendy we understand that sleeping on the floor may not be to everyone’s taste. 

The easy-to-customize air mattresses means you can find an option to suit any price range and preferred comfort and with the information in this comparison article today we hope we’ve helped you find everything you need to know.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Better to Sleep on the Floor or Mattress?

Many people say sleeping on the floor helps them to get a better night of sleep as well as improves their posture and spine alignment, However, there has been no scientific research to show that sleeping on the floor is any better than opting for a medium to firm mattress.

Is It Bad to Sleep on an Air Mattress Every Night?

Inflatable mattresses do not provide the same level of support as spring mattresses which are designed for longer-term use, however, there are some air mattresses on the market today that are designed for more regular or even daily use.

Is It Unhealthy to Sleep on the Floor?

Sleeping on the floor may increase the risk of feeling cold, especially in those with conditions such as diabetes, anemia, and hypothyroidism

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