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Best Air Mattress for BMW X5

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You just got your BMW X5, and you’re super excited to take it out for a drive.

But, wait, what about you bring it on a very long road trip for a more reliable test drive?

That sounds like a great idea.

But wait, you might be forgetting something.

For the ultimate road trip experience, you will need a car mattress so you can enjoy a good night’s sleep on your brand new SUV.

So which is the best air mattress for BMW X5?

Read on to find out!

3 Best Air Mattress for BMW X5 Reviews

Below are 3 of the best car mattresses for BMW X5 that we’ve discovered:

1. Pavoni Car Inflatable Camping Mattress

PAVONI best air mattress for bmw x5

Manufactured with your comfort in mind, this mattress is made of cold-resistant materials so you can stay warm and comfortable even during cold winter nights.

This is all thanks to the soft flocking material that adds a layer of protection for the mattress and comfort for the sleeper.

The 4-compartment design makes this mattress one of the most car versatile mattresses in the market.

With its thoughtful design, you can use the mattress not just for your car but your house, guest room, tent, and even pool as well!

It also comes with a foldable pillow/ headboard and wing to fit most SUVs and cars.

The car mattress comes with many extra accessories that can make car camping fun and convenient.

These include a car strap hanger with hooks so you can maximize your car’s vertical storage capacity and a mattress towel to make the sleeping surface extra soft and comfortable.

It also includes a carry bag with a strap for maximum portability and easy storage.

2. Pittman Outdoors Original AirBedz

Pittman Outdoors air mattress for bmw x5

Dubbed as the original truck bed air mattress, the Pittman Outdoors original Air Bedz is known for its durability and good quality.

We chose this mattress as our top pick because of its heavy-duty fabric construction.

The sleep surface is made with a laminated material designed to withstand the usual wear and tear and provide the sleeper with a waterproof and comfortable surface to sleep on.

The heavy-duty material is also more resistant to punctures than any other car mattresses in the market, so that you can use it not just on your car but as a camping mattress as well.

Among the three mattresses on the list, this is also the thickest (10 inches), so it offers more support, unparalleled firmness, and greater durability.

It also has the highest weight capacity—600 lbs.

Thanks to its comfort coil system, the mattress evenly distributes weight so both sleepers can sleep comfortably and get the level of support that they need to maintain proper spine alignment and minimize the risk of back and neck pain.

3. Rio Green Car Air Mattress

rio green car air mattress for bmw x5

According to the manufacturer, they designed this mattress to be the perfect inflatable bed for all of your life’s adventures.

And boy, were they right!

The Rio Green Car Air Mattress is probably one of the most versatile air mattresses we’ve ever come across.

Its originally a backseat air mattress that comes with a side bump rail (for elbow protection) and headboard (to prevent your head from bumping into the car handles) and a pair of footstools that you can place in the gap between the first row and second-row seats to add support to the mattress.

But here’s the exciting part: the mattress also doubles as a tent mattress and more! Since the material used in constructing the mattress is waterproof, it can also be used as a flotation device in the pool.

Here’s another amazing thing: the footstools can even double as a container for your pool refreshments when you’re at the pool!

The mattress comes with different accessories, including a travel bag for easy storage and carry, two pillows, and a mattress pump which you can plug into your car’s lighter plug for convenient charging.

Final Verdict

So which is the best air mattress for BMW X5?

To be honest, all of these are excellent options.

However, to find which one would work best for you, you must consider your preferences and needs.

Which would you prefer – a backseat or a camping mattress?

If you want a backseat mattress, the Rio Green Car Air Mattress is what you need.

You can choose between the Pavoni Car Mattress or the Pittman Outdoors for the camping mattress.

To choose between the two, try to determine what your priority is.

For example, the Pavoni mattress is highly recommended if you want to keep yourself warm at night.

But if you prioritize support and durability above all, go for the Pittman Outdoors Airb Bedz.

Frequently Asked Questions About Air Mattress for BMW X5

Finding the right mattress for your road trips and camping trips is not exactly a walk in the park.

You will have to choose from many brands, types, sizes, and designs, and for sure, you have lots of questions.

To help you out, we’ve prepared the questions to some of the most frequently asked questions about SUV mattresses.

Here they are:

What size air mattress fits in a BMW X5?

The size of the cabin of the BMW X5 (with the second-row seat folded) is around 91” x 58”.

With this in mind, you can get an SUV air mattress with dimensions less than 1 to 2 inches shorter than the cabin dimensions.

What are the different air mattress types for crossover SUVs?

There are two types of air mattresses used for SUVs—backseat mattresses and camping mattresses.

Between the two, the camping air mattress is the most popular as it offers a bigger sleeping space and usually has a higher weight capacity.

In addition, this type of mattress occupies both the storage cabin and the second-row seats to accommodate 2 to 3 sleepers.

On the other hand, the backseat mattress is more commonly used in cars since it’s designed to occupy second-row seats.

This is recommended for a solo sleeper.

It can accommodate 2 people, but it won’t be as comfortable as the camping mattress.

What’s the price range for the best SUV air mattresses?

The price range of a backseat air mattress is around $30-$70.

However, if you plan on investing in a camping mattress, you will have to shell out around $80-$190.

The price will depend on the type of pump, material durability, and other mattress features.

What type of pump do I need for an SUV air mattress?

Since you plan on using the mattress for road trips, it’s recommended that you get one with an electric pump for the ultimate convenience.

It’s a must that you make sure that the electric pump can be charged using a car charger so you can charge it up on the go.

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