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Best Air Mattress for BMW X3

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Each one of us has fallen asleep in our cars at some point.

With that said, we know you’ll agree with us when we say that sleeping in the car is not exactly the most comfortable way to sleep.

Unfortunately, it’s one experience we can’t avoid.

The next best thing that we can do is find a way to make the experience less dreadful and a lot more comfortable.

We have already found the solution for that – an air mattress!

If you own a BMW X3, finding an air mattress is not easy since mattresses come in generic sizes – not custom fit to a certain car model.

The good news is we have already researched what’s the best air mattress for BMW X3, and we narrowed it down to three best choices.

Continue reading to find out what these are. 

What to consider when buying an Air Mattress for BMW X3

To make the right decision, here are some of the factors you need to keep in mind when choosing an air mattress for an SUV:


Car airbeds come in two types – the backseat airbed and the full-size airbed. 

Between the two, the full-size bed is the one that fills the entire storage compartment (with the second-row seats folded down) of your SUV.

This is the most comfortable option since the sleeping surface it provides is similar to that of a regular bed.

On the other hand, the backseat airbed is designed to be placed on top of the second-row seat and comes with a separate stand to keep the bed upright and stable.

Because of its limited space, this is a more popular option for solo sleepers.

Weight Capacity

Make sure that the weight capacity can accommodate the total weight or the weight of the sleepers combined. 

Multipurpose Design

If you can’t decide whether to get a backseat airbed or a full-size airbed, it’s recommended that you go for a mattress with multiple compartments so you can configure it to different sizes and designs. 


What size air mattress fits in a BMW X3? Go for any mattress that is 3-5 inches smaller than the estimated dimension of the SUV’s storage compartment, which is around 95” x 58”. 


The most essential accessory of a car airbed would be the electric pump powered using a car charger.

Other nice-to-have accessories are a repair kit, travel bag, and pillows. 

3 Best Air Mattress for BMW X3 Reviews

Below are some of the best SUV air mattresses that you can use on your BMW X3, along with their best features:

1. Wey & Fly SUV Air Mattress

wey&fly suv air mattress back seat

The Wey & Fly SUV Air Mattress has one of the smartest designs in the market. 

Its main feature is its double-sided flocking surfaces.

One side features a cold-resistant 58P PVC material which is perfect for the winter season.

The other side is a polymer corduroy surface with a highly breathable surface making it an excellent option for the hotter months.

In addition, all materials used are non-toxic, odorless, and environmental-friendly. 

Another fantastic thing about this SUV air mattress is it has 4 separate segments for inflation.

In addition, the mattress features a hidden line that allows you to inflate the mat partially.

Inflate it to 100% to accommodate 2-3 people, 60% inflatable for 2 people, and 40% for a solo sleeper. 

The mattress comes with a foot pump which is a lot more convenient to use than the regular pumps that you can find in other mattresses. 

2. QDH SUV Air Mattress

QDH SUV Air Mattress car bed

The QDH SUV Air Mattress is one of the most affordable SUV airbeds available today.

The surprising thing about this mattress is it offers plenty of unique features despite being sold at a low price.

The star of its construction is its construction – high-quality waterproof PVC with thick flocking, making it skin-friendly and durable.

In addition, it features a wavy design that keeps the mattress stable and durable and provides the ultimate sleeping comfort.

The bottom side of the mattress is made of waterproof, moisture-proof, and wear-resistant material so that you can use it on different surfaces like the ground or grass. 

Its versatility is also something we admire.

The mattress comes with three compartments.

So if you want to use it as a camping bed, you can lay flat the two compartments, lift the top portion to form a headboard and enjoy its anti-collision design. 

You can also convert it into a back seat mattress by raising the bottom and top compartments, leaving the middle compartment flat.

The middle compartment will be the bed, and the other compartments would be guardrails to prevent falls.

This is perfect for people who’ll be sleeping with their kid or pet.  

3. Go Plus Inflatable Car Air Mattress

Go Plus inflatable Car Mattress1

At first glance, the sleek all-black design of this air mattress will catch your attention, but upon closer inspection, its amazing features will surely seal the deal.

Same with other backseat mattress, this comes with an inflated feet that can keep the mattress stable throughout the night. 

But what makes it different than other backseat mattresses is it turns into a resting bed that you can use at home or outdoors when you turn it upside down.

The inflated feet converts into a stable backrest that you can lean on comfortably.

Another convenience feature is its quick folding design.

When folded, the foot becomes an auxiliary bag.

In addition, the folded dimension of the mattress is relatively small, so it won’t take too much space when you store it anywhere in your car. 

With its tightly woven edges and double-valve design, the mattress is also designed to prevent leakage. 

The Verdict

When choosing the best air mattress for BMW X3, the dimensions matter the most.

That’s why it’s recommended that you carefully measure the storage compartment or the second-row space of your BMW X3.

Aside from this, you also need to take into consideration your priorities and needs – whether you need a backseat or camping air mattress or you would prioritize an all-weather construction, versatility, or safety features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most asked questions about SUV air mattresses:

Can dogs sleep in an airbed?

Yes, dogs can sleep in an airbed.

But please keep in mind that there’s a high chance that the claws of your dogs might tear it.

This is true even if the mattress is made of tear-resistant and thick PVC material.

To address this, the best thing you can do is place a foam mat on top of the airbed.

Why choose an air mattress over a foam mattress for your SUV?

While it’s true that foam mattresses are generally more durable than airbeds, but they offer plenty of benefits that you can’t get from foam mattresses. 

For one, they are a lot more comfortable and breathable.

With the right thickness and wave design, the airbed can provide a more stable, comfortable, and firmer sleeping surface.

Additionally, airbeds are a lot easier to store than foam mattresses.

Since you can deflate air mattresses, it won’t take too much space in your car.

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