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Best Air Mattress for Audi Q7

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Do you love taking long drives but hate sleeping in your car?

We get you. Unfortunately, you have no choice but to take a nap or a long sleep in your car when you’ve been on the road for hours.

Sleeping in your car is probably the most uncomfortable thing in the world. Of course, this is true even if you’re sleeping in an SUV like the Audi Q7. 

But before you lose all hope, we have fantastic news for you: the right air car mattress can make sleeping in a car a wonderful dream instead of a nightmare.

The best news is it’s a lot more affordable than staying in a motel!

With that said, what is the best air mattress for Audi Q7? Read on to find out!

What are the Types of Air Mattress for Audi Q7?

The first thing you need to know when buying a car air bed is it comes in two different types.

These are as follows:

Camping Car Mattress

The camping car bed is the most common option for Audi Q7, and it’s the best choice of mattress for two sleepers or a sleeper who wants to have a spacious sleeping space.

This is because this mattress is designed to be laid flat on the storage compartment and the folded second-row seats. 

Rear Seat Mattress

On the other hand, the rear mattress is a more popular option for cars and sedans since it’s only designed to be placed on top of the second-row seats.

As a result, this is more commonly used by a solo sleeper.

If you go for this type, we suggest looking for one with inflated feet that can be wedged between the front and back seats to support the sleeper. 

What Factors to Consider When Buying an Air Mattress for Audi Q7?

To be honest, there are only a few air mattresses that can fit Audi Q7.

Despite this, there’s still a chance that you might choose a car bed that isn’t suitable for your needs.

To avoid this, you need to take into consideration the following factors: 


Inflatable car mattresses are often manufactured using PVC as it’s one of the most durable materials available.

But, unfortunately, its durability comes with a price – slippery surface and plastic odor.

To address this, most airbeds are covered with a flocking material that provides the user a softer and much more comfortable sleep surface.

So, when choosing your airbed, make sure to get one with this flocked cover. 


Most car mattresses come with a lot of accessories.

Some inclusions – pillows, sun shades, and earplugs – are nice to have. 

On the other hand, the pump and the charger are must-haves, so make sure to get a mattress that comes with these two.

As much as possible, the kit should come with an electric pump for easy inflation and deflation.

The pump must be powerful enough to inflate and deflate the mattress within just a few seconds. 

On the other hand, there must be two types of pump charger included in the kit – a car charger and an AC adapter.

In this way, you can easily recharge it on the road.


What size air mattress fits in Audi Q7?

The compartment storage of an Audi Q7 (including the second row when folded) is around 79 inches long and 62 inches wide (49 inches on the tailgate part). 

With this in mind, you should go for an air mattress size that’s at least 5 inches shorter or wider than the said dimensions.

3 Best Air Mattress for Audi Q7 Reviews

Now that you know what to look for, here are the best air mattresses for Audi Q7 that we rounded up just for you!

1. Saygogo SUV Air Mattress

saygogo suv best air mattresses for cars

If you enjoy camping so much, the Saygogo SUV Air Mattress is an excellent investment for you.

It claims to have a 3-in-1 purpose since you can use it in 3 different places—your Audi Q7, inside your home, and even in your garden. It’s that versatile!

Not only that, but you can also convert it into a backseat air mattress by folding its smaller compartment.

It even comes with an inflated feet to prop up the other side and give you the support you need. 

This is also a winner in leakproof designs as it features a 3-layer leak prong design valve that prevents the air from escaping.

Additionally, the edges are finely stitched and welded shut for a leak-free sleep experience. 

You can get it in three different colors – gray, black, and beige.  

2. Nifusu SUV Air Mattress

Nifusu SUV air mattress for cars qudi q7

The Nifusu SUV Air Mattress is our top pick because of its versatile and multi-purpose design.

Same with the Saygogo Air Bed, this can also be transformed into a rear seat mattress by folding the smaller side compartment. 

But wait, there’s more.

We chose this mattress because of its versatile double-sided design, On one side, you can enjoy a soft, comfortable, and highly breathable flocked cover.

On the other side, it features a cool and skin-friendly PVC material. 

Additionally, it has a thick and upgraded polymer material that supports temperatures ranging from -13 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, so it’s an excellent mattress for both the winter and summer season. 

You can get this in four different colors – blue, gray, black, and beige. 

3. Ephesial Inflatable Car Air Mattress 

Ephesial Inflatable air mattress for car audi q7

The Ephesial Inflatable Car Bed is the most affordable air mattress list, but it has the most inclusions.

The mattress already comes as a complete package – mattress, headboard, pet and child safety baffle, air pillows, air pump with 3 gas nozzles, backup fabric, 2 air foot peers, and a storage handbag.

The safety baffle will prevent you, your child, or your pet from falling off the bed.

It also comes with a multipurpose pocket where you can store your keys, phone, and other small items.

It also features a headboard that protects your head and your back while you’re sleeping.

In addition, the mattress has a wave design that will keep your spine in proper alignment. 

Final Verdict

With all the tips and information we’ve shared with you, you’re now ready to choose the best air mattress for Audi Q7. 

Just make sure to consider all your personal and specific needs to find the best car air mattress so you can finally say bye-bye to a painful and dreadful car sleeping experience.

The good news is the use of these mattresses is not just limited to your car.

You can also use it in your house, on camping trips, and even, picnics. These will give you bang for your buck!

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