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12 Best Queen Size Air Mattresses

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Inflated Size
Weight Limit
★ Best Seller
best air mattress with foam

EnerPlex Queen Air Mattress

Best Comfort Queen
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Consumer’s Favorite

Comes with an anti-slip bottom, coil beam technology, and a built-in pump for quick and easy inflation.

Available in three height options, fully inflated in under 2 minutes, durable and portable.

Sizing is a little off.

80" x 60" x 13"
600 lbs
★ Our Top Pick
queen Intex Dura-Beam Series Airbed

Intex Dura Beam Queen

Firm & High Rated
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Amazon’s Choice

Fiber-tech construction provides added comfort and support. Built-in pump for quick inflation and customizable firmness.

Handy travel bag, built-in pump, not on the expensive side

Built-in pillow is uncomfortable

80" x 60" x 16.5"
600 lbs
EZ INFLATE Queen Air Mattress with Built-in Dual Pump

EZ Inflate Queen Air Mattress

Luxury Double Hight
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Fast Inflation

The EZ Inflate air mattress is made from durable and puncture resistant PVC, with a soft and comfortable flocking top layer, great choice for couples, quick to inflate and also comes with adaptive support allowing you to adjust the firmness.

This air mattress inflates in less than 2 minutes and the built in pump has a double valve, making it easy to release air when needed. The EZ Inflate comes with a storage bag and is more budget friendly than similar air beds.

The EZ Inflate must be fully inflated 24 hours before first use to stretch out the PVC. Some issues with losing air. The sizing is a little off.

80" x 60" x 16"
600 lbs
King Koil Best air mattresses for guests

King Koil Queen Air Mattress

High Rated Queen
Check price

Height Options

King Koil comes with coil beam construction, extra thick quilted top all designed to increase your comfort level.

Quick inflation under 2 minutes, comes in 3 height sizes, extra thick quilted top, coil beam construction.

Extremely heavy.

80 x 60 x 13, 16 or 20
600 lbs
SleepLux Durable Inflatable queen Air Mattress

SleepLux Durable Queen Air Mattress

Best Durable Queen
Check price

High Rated

Designed with proprietary I-beam technology ensuring that the mattress holds its shape. It also inflates in 5 minutes for quick setup.

I-beam construction, built-in pump, three layers to keep its shape.

Sizing an approximate.

80" x 60" x 22"
661 lbs

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With such a wide range of air mattresses available it can quickly become overwhelming to find the Best queen Size Air Mattress.

But if you have decided that a Queen air mattress is what you are looking for then there are a few things that you need to take into consideration:

  • Inflation and deflation requirements.
  • Type of pump needed.
  • Indoor or outdoor use.

Whether you are looking for an air mattress for long-term use or for more occasional use, it is important that you choose a high-quality bed that is not going to let you down!

How To Pick The Best Queen Size Inflatable Mattress

The key to picking the right inflatable mattresses comes down to several different factors, some of which are similar no matter what size mattress you are looking for.

The right air mattress can become a multi-purpose piece of equipment for use indoors with occasional guests, or even for camping and trips away where you want to bring some home comforts with you to ensure a great night’s sleep.


Making sure your mattress is made of a strong and durable material is a great way to make sure you’re going to get long-term use and avoid any unwanted punctures or leaking air.

Having an anti-slip base can be another great way to ensure durability as this will prevent the bed from moving around and the potential for further damage.

Many air mattresses also have flocked fabric tops removing the need for sheets and not leaving you feeling sweaty and uncomfortable sleeping against the plastic material commonly used in air mattresses.

Storage and Height

If your air mattress will be joining you on your adventures then you should always check the dimensions when deflated.

Also, check for handy extras such as travel bags that are designed to fit your specific air mattress brand.

These make the portability of your bed a simple task with minimal fuss.

There are several height options that are commonly found with queen-size inflatable air mattresses so make sure that you take this into consideration before making a choice.

If you wanted to use your mattress indoors then most will fit easily in any cupboard space or even underneath beds without taking up too much space.


Although you may have a pump at home to use with your inflatable air mattress, most models of air mattresses come with their own built-in pumps.

You do need to remember that most of these built-in pumps do require a power source so they may not be the best option for camping.

Inflation times can vary, but commonly you can inflate and deflate any air mattress in just a few minutes.

Always check if you need to inflate the mattress before first use for the materials to adequately stretch.

12 Best Queen Size Air Mattresses

1. EnerPlex Queen Air Mattress

best air mattress with foam

The EnerPlex air mattress comes with a range of features that makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

It has an anti-slip bottom that prevents it from moving around and potentially causing damage.

Made from triple-layered and puncture-resistant PVC ensuring its durability.

It makes it leak-free and the ultra-soft flocked lining offers the premium comfort you expect from this brand.

The EnerPlex comes with coil beam technology that supports like a traditional spring mattress.

It has a super quick inflation time of just under 2 minutes making it convenient and quick to set up.


  • Available in three height options
  • Fully inflated in under 2 minutes
  • Durable and portable


  • Sizing is a little off

2. Intex Dura-Beam Series, Queen

queen Intex Dura-Beam Series Airbed

Intex Dura-beam comes with fiber-tech construction that provides added comfort and support.

A sturdy bottom ring provides additional stability and the built-in pillow is both convenient and comfortable.

This air mattress comes with an internal pump that offers fast inflation and deflation.

Leaving this mattress fully inflated in just over 3 minutes.

It also allows for customizable firmness to suit your individual comfort preference.

It also comes with a handy carry bag that makes it suitable for transport and storage.


  • Handy travel bag
  • Built-in pump
  • 600 lb maximum weight


  • Built-in pillow is uncomfortable

3. EZ Inflate Queen

EZ INFLATE Queen Air Mattress with Built-in Dual Pump

The EZ Inflate comes with a built-in pump that inflates in just 2 minutes or less.

No matter whether you are using it for overnight guests or a camping trip you will be all set up in no time.

Made from waterproof and puncture-resistant PVC that can hold up to 600 lbs.

With a height of 16 inches, it makes getting in and out easy.

A triple-layered flocked top ensures that your bedding stays put for comfort all night long.

This double-height inflatable mattress is travel-friendly allows you to customize your firmness level to suit your individual preferences.


  • Quick inflation
  • Flocked top
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use


  • Some issues with durability

4. SleepLux Durable Queen

SleepLux Durable Inflatable queen Air Mattress

The SleepLux is designed with proprietary I-beam construction as well as three layers ensuring that the mattress holds its shape and stays firm all night long.

This layering also promotes healthy sleeping postures.

The built-in pump inflates in 5 minutes with a single push of a button.

This air mattress also has a built-in USB port allowing you to charge your phone and keep it within easy reach.

The SleepLux deflates as quickly as it inflates and can be packed away into its own storage bag.


  • I-beam construction
  • Built-in pump
  • Three layers to keep its shape


  • Sizing is not queen-sized

5. King Koil Queen

King Koil Best air mattresses for guests

The King Koil comes with enhanced airbed technology with soft flocking and a built-in pillow.

An extra thick waterproof quilt top provides extra spinal support and promotes good sleeping posture.

The air mattress also comes with coil beam construction and a built-in pump that allows for quick and easy inflation and deflation.

It reaches maximum inflation in under 2 minutes.

The King Koil also comes with a patch repair kit just in case of any mishaps.

This mattress is designed for in-home use and provides the perfect comfortable night’s sleep for overnight guests or camping trips.

It also comes in three different heights making it easy to get in and out.


  • Quick inflation under 2 minutes
  • Extra thick quilted top
  • Coil beam construction


  • Extremely heavy

6. Englander Queen Size

Englander Best air mattresses for guests

The Englander comes with uncompromised comfort from its coil beam construction and is designed to fit regular sheets.

It has ridged sides that help to keep sheets from slipping off during the night.

It comes with welded seams that help to provide strength and durability.

These also ensure that the air mattress maintains its shape while being used.

The Englander comes with its own pump and can fully inflate this air mattress in 90 seconds and deflates with just a quick push of a button.


  • Fully inflated in 90 seconds
  • Welded seams for durability
  • Coil beam construction for comfort


  • Issues with seams popping

7. Elaml Queen Air Mattress

Elaml Queen Air Mattress

With a built-in air pump that provides quick inflation of under 4 minutes allowing you to be all set up in no time.

This Queen air mattress has puncture-resistant PVC and a super thick flocked top for added comfort and durability.

An integrated raised pillow provides maximum support for your spine.

While the anti-slip bottom prevents the mattress from sliding around on the ground while you sleep.

The I-shaped drawstring structure allows the airbed to remain flat and as comfortable as a real bed.


  • Inflates in 4 minutes
  • Integrated pillow
  • Anti-slip bottom


  • Some issues with losing air

8. Active Era Premium Queen

Active Era Queen Air Mattress

The Active Era is raised 17 inches off the ground allowing users to get in and out with ease.

It comes with 35 structured air coils that provide head-to-toe support ensuring a restful night’s sleep.

This air mattress comes with a built-in electric pump and can quickly inflate this queen-sized mattress in less than 3 minutes to its full firmness.

It deflates just as quickly with a simple flick of a switch.

It comes with easy storage and transportation for travel.

The Active Era is made from strong durable PVC that has a flocked top for extra comfort and durability.


  • Structured coils for extra support
  • Built-in pump
  • Strong and durable material


  • Lack an anti-slip bottom

9. Queen Coleman SupportRest

Coleman SupportRest Elite Queen

The Coleman queen air mattress has a coil construction that contours to your body providing increased support for a good night’s sleep.

These coils also help to reduce bulging ensuring that your sleep surface remains level.

It comes with a double lock valve that first stops the air from escaping when you remove the pump and the second locks in the air allowing you to get a good night’s sleep.

The Coleman comes with a built-in 120V pump for easy and quick inflation at home or on the go.


  • Built-in pump
  • Coil construction that contours to your body
  • Double lock valve


  • Not very durable

10. InnoTruth Queen Size

InnoTruth Raised Queen Air Mattress

The InnoTruth queen comes with a flocked top that provides better care for your skin by providing environmentally friendly and odorless materials.

The air mattress comes with 2 ways to inflate either a manual pump or with a power supply making it perfect for in-home use or even camping or traveling.

At 18 inches high for ease of use and you can move around all night long without a single squeak.

Once fully inflated it holds air in place for days.


  • 2 ways to inflate
  • 18 inches high
  • Environmentally friendly materials


11. Vtosel Queen Air Mattress

vtosel queen air mattress

This queen air mattress is perfect for overnight guests.

It comes with a built-in pump that can fully inflate the mattress in 4 minutes.

It also has an integrated pillow for comfort and to help support your spine.

The anti-slip bottom prevents the air mattress from moving around helping you to sleep easier.

The flocked top is both skin-friendly and breathable meaning that there is no need for sheets, you can sleep directly on the mattress.

The mattress comes with an 18-month warranty.


Fully inflated within 4 minutes

Integrated pillow

18-month warranty


  • The raised pillow may not be very comfortable

12. Hotozon Queen Size Air Mattress

HOTOZON Air Mattress with Built-in Pump Queen Size

The HOTOZON mattress is a firm air mattress that comes with a built-in pump.

It reaches full inflation in 5-8 minutes.

It has a thick durable flocked top that keeps you comfortable while also preventing leaks.

This queen air mattress can comfortably accommodate 3 people with a maximum load of 660 lbs.

It has an 18 inch height for ease of use and is designed for home use.

The air mattress can easily be deflated and packed into its handy storage bag.


  • 18 inch high
  • Built-in pump
  • Can accommodate 3 people


  • Long inflation time


With the hundreds of air mattresses on the market today it is difficult to know which queen-size inflatable air mattress will be right for you.

Hopefully, with all the information that we have provided, you can choose the right one for your needs.

Queen Size Air Mattress FAQs

Is a Queen Air Mattress The Same Size as a Regular Mattress?

A regular mattress is 74 x 54 x 7-25 inches while a queen mattress is 80 x 60 x 7-25 inches.

Meaning that a Queen mattress is slightly larger than a regular one.

Can a Queen Air Mattress Fit 2 People?

A queen air mattress is around 61 inches wide and can comfortably accommodate two people.

As well as being suitable for a 4 person tent or larger.

Can You Camp With An Air Mattress?

Yes, you certainly can even those that are designed for home use can be used for camping.

You will have to take into account that they may come with an electric pump.

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