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12 Best King Size Air Mattresses

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Inflated Size
Weight Limit
★ Best Seller
King Koil Air Mattress

King Koil California King

Luxury Raised Air Mattress
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Consumers Favorite

With 5-minute inflation, this air mattress is a great simple all-rounder that is affordable and has no frills attached.

1-year guarantee, built-in pump, 2.5min inflation.

No height options like smaller sizes

72" x 84" x 20"
★ Our Top Pick
SoundAsleep Dream Series air mattress

SoundAsleep Dream Series King

ComfortCoil Technology
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Most Ratings

With a high capacity internal pump and ComfortCoil technology, this mattress by SoundAsleep is impressive and reliable.

Built-in pump, eco-friendly PVC, waterproof.

No dual pump, bows in the middle after air loss.

82" x 70" x 18"
Englander king Size Air Mattress

Englander California King

Premium Inflatable Bed
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Luxury Double High

Available in brown or black, this luxury inflatable bed for kids & adults comes with a microfiber exterior for breathability.

Two-color options, travel bag included, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The pump doesn’t automatically shut off.

84" x 72" x 20"
ivation ez bed king size air mattress

Ivation EZ-Bed King

With Frame & Rolling Case
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This self-deploying mattress with three levels of comfort settings is built to last with strong PVC, a frame, and a rolling case.

Easy inflate, multiple firmness inflation options, durable.

Bulky, not easily portable due to weight.

81" x 73" x 24"
Jeaouia King Size Air Mattress

Jeaouia King Size Air Mattress

Double Foldable Air Bed
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Camping Option

This mattress is perfect if you already have a pump and are in need of a low-cost mattress to meet all your needs.

Portable and ideal for travel, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

No pump included, no anti-slip base.

80" x 72" x 8.7"

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Making the difficult choice of which king-size inflatable mattress is best for you?

Whether you plan to use it for outdoor camping or to provide comfort indoors for guests can feel like a chore.

Here are a few things to consider when looking for the perfect King size air mattress:

  • Type of air mattress
  • The pump included
  • Your intended use – indoor or outdoor

Choosing the right air mattress can be a tricky decision to make as no one wants to find out they’ve wasted their hard-earned cash on something that isn’t going to last more than a couple of uses.

If you want to know which is the best king-size inflatable mattress and all the key information you could ever need then you’re in the right place.

If you’re wanting to upgrade your current king-size inflatable mattress or choose a brand new one for use as an occasional guest bed, or even to take into the great outdoors on camping trips then this article containing 12 of the best king-size inflatable mattress will help you to choose the best option for you. 

How To Choose The Best King Size Inflatable Mattress

Choosing the right best king size air mattress starts by knowing how you intend to use it – will it be for occasional overnight guests or will it be for exploring the great outdoors.

There are three factors that you need to consider no matter what size air mattress you are purchasing.

Type of Pump

Most models of air mattresses now come with their own pump whether that be a built-in one or a stand-alone one.

What you need to consider is how it is powered and the inflation time.

If you are planning on using your air mattress for camping then you need to make sure that you will either have access to an electric power outlet or that your pump cna be powered in an alternative way.

Ease of Storage

If you are planning to take your air mattress on your adventures then you need to ensure that it can be easily stored.

Check the dimensions of it when it is deflated.

Many air mattresses now come with their own travel bag making them even more portable.


Ensuring that your mattress is up to your intended use means checking that all the materials are durable and strong.

Does it come with an anti-slip base meaning that it stays put and can also prevent it from any unnecessary damage?

What Type of Air mattresses are available?

You may have assumed that choosing an air mattress would be an easy decision, but did you know there is so much variety on the market?

There are air mattresses available to suit a variety of requirements.

From ones designed to fit across your car’s seats, to specific inflatable camping mattresses and even long-term air mattresses designed to relieve the pressure felt from traditional spring mattresses.

Knowing which mattress would benefit you best can be confusing, but this guide will help to explain the different types of air mattresses and who they suit best.

Foam Mattresses

Foam mattress surfaces remain static meaning the weight placed on the air mattress is evenly distributed over a large surface area to keep the pressure low against your body.

Similar to the results from memory foam mattresses, it responds to the weight and level of movement whilst preventing soreness, tossing, and turning.

Hybrid air mattresses

Combine layers of foam plus the static support surface from the air pockets within to give you the best experience from both types of mattresses in a unique combination.

The majority of these hybrid mattresses still require a pump to inflate the alternating air pockets so you will still need access to mains power.

The foam interior provides comfort and distributes the pressure across your body.

Airflow mattresses

These have a dynamic surface unlike foam mattresses and include a layer of air cells that alternate their inflation levels to suit your needed support and comfort.

The airflow section is controlled by a pump like most air mattresses and requires constant attachment to mains power.

As the airflow section inflates it provides support and the deflation provides relief and movement in the skin to encourage healthy blood flow and eliminate any health issues from the discomfort.

12 Best King Size Air Mattresses

1. King Koil California King

King Koil Air Mattress

King Koil is a well-known brand in the inflatable mattress industry and provides some of the best customer services. 

As well as having impressive warranties with most products, making them a reliable source of high-quality goods for use in both outdoor or indoor setting.

This king-size inflatable mattress features a luxury raised height and extra-thick waterproof quilted top to provide firm spinal support and encourage good sleeping posture. 

There is also the benefit of a built-in pillow and electric pump which eliminates the need for carrying additional equipment if you use the mattress when traveling or camping.

It also benefits from super-fast inflation with an industry-leading built-in pump that can inflate your king-size inflatable mattress in just 2 minutes and 30 seconds which is impressively fast for this price range. 

Alongside all the benefits and easy-to-use features, this air mattress is definitely a favorite in our lineup today, and not just for the brand name.


  • 1-year guarantee
  • Built-in pump
  • 2.5min inflation


  • No height options like smaller sizes

2. SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

SoundAsleep Dream Series air mattress

This king-size inflatable mattress by Soundasleep is from their impressive Dream Series range that features a carry bag, built-in motor, 18-inch raised height, and customer-friendly US-based support if you ever need advice or more information regarding the included one year warranty.

Slightly more affordable in comparison to their CloudNine Series, this air mattress has all the same benefits and only lacks the dual pump included with the other range.

This mattress is focused on indoor use only which has enabled the brand to create an industry-leading design featuring 48 internal air coils to create extended durability and support whilst ensuring your mattress remains flat and firm.

The 1-click function internal pump is universally user-friendly and makes inflation and deflation at home easy in under 6 minutes.

The mattress stays inflated for days without requiring a top-up, but if you prefer a firmer mattress then you may want to top-up the air levels more frequently.


  • One year warranty
  • 48 internal air coils
  • Built-in pump


  • No dual pump

3. Englander Cal King Size Air Mattress

Englander king Size Air Mattress

This king-size inflatable mattress by Englander is one of the fastest inflating mattresses in this line-up today and is 4” wider than other similar mattresses on the market.

However, it is still easy to transport with the included oversized travel bag.

The high-quality materials and reinforced construction have coil beams within to make them durable and comfortable for any user.

With built-in dual pumps and cord storage, this mattress has been designed to stand out amongst other king-size inflatable mattresses by having unique features.

Features like microfiber waterproof flocked top and world-class sleep quality that unlike our other options can be used indoors as well as outdoors to make camping trips more luxurious and comfortable.

Another useful feature of this mattress is the design.

It can easily fit regular-sized bedding and sheets and the rigid edge design prevents any annoying slippage throughout the night.

The welded seams provide durability and help to prevent the mattress from losing its shape over time to give you quality time and time again.


  • Thermoregulated comfort
  • 2-minute inflation
  • Built-in pump


  • No automatic pump shut-off
  • No height options 

4. Jeaouia King Size Air Mattress

Jeaouia King Size Air Mattress

Although this brand is less common in the inflatable mattress industry, they have created a simple and easily affordable option that has all the comfort you need without any additional extras.

The product has a few tips included to enhance its use and longevity of the product. 

The downside of this product is that there is no air pump included with the mattress and would require a separate purchase, however, it should fit most standard pumps for easy inflation.

It is suitable for use outdoors when camping and is very lightweight at under 9lbs making it ideal for travel without taking up too much space.

The flocked top material is soft and wear-resistant as well as adding another layer to prevent punctures and increase overall durability.

It is also waterproof meaning you don’t need to worry when outdoors about causing damage to the product.


  • Foldable
  • Comfortable and durable
  • 450lbs limit


  • Pump not included
  • No height options 

5. Ivation EZ-Bed (King) Air Mattress with Frame

ivation ez bed king size air mattress

Although this air mattress is on the higher side price-wise the features that it comes with justify it.

The automatic built-in pump takes only 4 minutes to fully inflate the mattress, other impressive features such as a self-deploying frame, storage bag with wheels and is designed to provide the look and feel of a normal spring mattress with the option of portability. 

The wheeled duffle bag is designed to easily fit and make travel a breeze and the integrated pump minimizes the need for additional baggage.

The sturdy frame included raises the mattress to the height of 24” meaning it mimics the standard height of a traditional mattress.

It provides full-body support and can fit any standard-sized sheet without slipping.

The durable mattress top is soft and comfortable with heavy-duty PVC that is puncture resistant and comes with a one-year warranty guarantee.

Due to the frame set up this mattress can be used to provide long-term comfort instead of occasional use making it a great portable bed for moving house or work travels.

The self-deploying feature makes it easy to plug the mattress in and walk away without having to worry about overinflation or any other dangers.


  • Auto shut-off
  • 56 interior support coils
  • 3 firmness levels to choose from


  • Bulky (49lbs)
  • Not suitable for outdoor use
  • High in price for occasional use

6. Outraveler King Size Air Mattress

Outraveler King Size Air Mattress

This inflatable sofa bed is designed with three layers of PVC, waterproof material, and skin-friendly flocking to keep you comfortable without the need for additional sheets when camping.

It easily inflates and deflates within minutes but will need a separate purchase of a manual or electric pump which is not included in the price. 

It has a weight capacity of 450lbs and is fairly light-weight at 14.5lbs making it ideal for traveling without weighing you down.

Overall this air mattress seems better suited for use camping or outdoors due to its ability to double up as an inflatable bed and sofa.

For more regular or long-term indoor use this may not provide the best comfort and support overall but it is a fun option for camping and outdoor use.


  • Adjustable backrest
  • Velvet flocking
  • Multipurpose use


  • Pump not included

7. King Size Flocked Air Mattress

raptavis King Size Flocked Air Mattress

This king-size inflatable mattress by Raptavis is a great outdoor mattress alternative to uncomfortable sleeping pads.

It has a soft flocked top minimizing the need for additional sheets and gives a quick and easy portable mattress for any occasion.

As one of the most affordable king-size inflatable mattresses we have in this lineup, there is a lack of additional extras and some of the more fancy features we are used to reviewing. 

The low-rise height makes it a fantastic space saver and great camping mattress, but this may not provide the luxury feel you want for an indoor guest bedroom. 

It also hasn’t got the benefit of an anti-slip base but this can usually be recreated by placing a blanket or something similar underneath to prevent the material from sliding across hard floors and surfaces.


  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Soft flocked top


  • No high-rise options
  • No anti-slip base

8. EnerPlex King Air Mattress

EnerPlex King Air Mattress

Enerplex has a vast range of air mattresses available but this king-size inflatable mattress, in particular, is multipurpose with a waterproof outer layer that can be used at home or outdoors for camping and travel purposes.

Although it doesn’t benefit from a built-in pillow to save on space, it does have a built-in pump that can be powered by a portable battery pack or car outlet with the right adapter.

It stands at 18” tall and has dimensions of 80″L x 76″W which is fairly standard for a  king-size inflatable mattress and comes with puncture-resistant PVC with a premium flocking top that prevents sheets from sliding off and gives non-slip stability at the base.

The pump is user-friendly with two easy-to-use knobs that you only need to turn to start inflation and deflation.


  • 18-inch double-height
  • Coil beam construction
  • 8 size option


  • No built-in pillow

9. Intex 18-inch King Air Mattress

Intex 18-inch King Air Mattress

This king-size inflatable mattress by Intex has several notable features that would make camping and outdoor activities a breeze with the comfort and ease of use this product provides.

It has soft flocking that helps to provide a plush and pleasant night’s sleep.

It also makes it easy to clean and the base has multi-layer PVC to provide heat insulation, moisture, and tear resistance whilst still being lightweight and easily portable. 

With a honeycomb matrix column design it helps to provide stability and comfort preventing any shaking and noise when you move throughout the night.

Although the base is puncture resistant with several layers of PVC, there isn’t any inclusion of anti-slip materials that will prevent the entire mattress from shifting if placed on hard floors or inside a tent.

The manual air pump may be an inconvenience if you plan on using it indoors for last-minute guests.

But for traveling and use outdoors the lack of access to electric power can be an issue for built-in automatic pumps.

With this manual pump, you haven’t got to worry about the location which makes it much more useful for any adventure.


  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • No built-in pump
  • 600lbs weight limit


  • No built-in pillow
  • No anti-slip base
  • Manual pumping required 

10. REM Air System Air Chamber, King

REM Air System Air Chamber, King

This REM air chamber system inflatable sleep pad is an ideal option to double up as an at-home mattress topper and a padded sleep surface when traveling and on the move.

It has several hundred five-star reviews and is a highly sought-after product in the inflatable bed market.

This product can be used as an easy-to-inflate sleep surface, or to extend the life of your current mattress by providing a high-quality alternative to other air mattresses with air chambers on the market.

The chambers are double sealed with 1.23” seams to reinforce the durability of this product and provide longevity with a unique cross box design to evenly support you from head to toe with ultimate comfort. 

It’s user-friendly and easy to install with their own air system quick-lock connectors that provide a tight seal and stop any air leaks or disconnections using the heavy-duty anti-kink hose.


  • Air chamber and hose system
  • Heavy-duty strength
  • Can be used alone or on a mattress at home


  • No built-in pillow
  • No anti-slip base

11. LYHELYJ Raised King Inflatable Airbed

LYHELYJ Raised King Inflatable Airbed

This air mattress is relatively new on the market but does feature a built-in pump, waterproof and skin-friendly PVC, and internal support coils.

It comfortably can sleep two or more people and has an anti-slip base and flip-proof technology to help stop the mattress from moving around under pressure.

This king-size inflatable mattress is space-saving as it can also double up as a sofa or place to relax due to the included pillows as well as built-in arm and headrests to give a real traditional bed feel. 

The built-in pump is easy to use with quick inflation by simply connecting to mains power and adjusting to your preferred level of firmness.

It is also lightweight meaning you can easily transport this mattress and have everything you need with the included pillows in the handy travel bag and moisture-proof pad which comes in handy if you plan on using this product for outdoor use and camping. 


  • Easy inflation
  • Comes with an air pump 
  • Pillows included


  • Not puncture-proof

12.  ALY Double Deluxe King Heightening Inflatable

ALY Double Deluxe King Heightening Inflatable

This air mattress has an impressive capacity of 880lbs which tops any other mattress we have reviewed here today.

However, it is missing some basic comfort features such as a flocked top to give a soft feel and eliminate the need for additional sheets and bedding, and an anti-slip base to prevent the king-size inflatable mattress from sliding around the floor at night.

This air mattress comes with a household use electric pump as well as moisture pad and pillow but no carry bag to store all the components in for easy portability.

It is ergonomically designed to bend along the neck and spine to give you a comfortable night’s sleep.

However, the lack of soft flocked topping may leave this air mattress feeling too hot or cold during the corresponding seasons due to the artificial leather material used on top which doesn’t help to regulate body temperature like other mattresses in our list here today.


  • Double height
  • 880 lbs capacity
  • Built-in storage


  • No anti-slip base
  • No flocking for comfort


It can be difficult to find king-size inflatable mattresses on the market that are large enough to meet the name of “king-sized”.

As well as still providing you with all-over body comfort and support without causing movement, noise, or even dips in the mattress that could lead to some aches and pains. 

We hope you’ve found something in this article that ticks all your boxes whether you plan on using your king-size inflatable mattress for use as a spare guest bed or even to take camping with you in the great outdoors.

King Size Air Mattress FAQs

What Size Is a King-size Air Bed?

A king-sized air bed usually has the following dimensions although the height can vary depending on the make and model. 80 x 76 x 7-25 inches.

Is Queen Size Bigger Than King?

Standard king-sized is typically 76 inches wide and 80 inches long, while a queen is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long.

That means that a king-sized bed is the same length as a queen bed but is 16 inches wider, making the surface area of a king bed bigger than a queen bed.

How Firm Should an Air Mattress Be?

It is recommended for first-time use that your air mattress is only inflated to 90% capacity as each time you overfill the mattress, the mattress becomes more likely to rupture beyond repair.

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