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9 Best Air Mattresses For Front Seat

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rio green car air mattress

Rio Green Car Air Mattress

Front Seat Bed
Check price

Featuring a mattress, headrest, two pillows, air pump, repair patches as well as two footstools that can double up as a cooler, Rio Green has covered everything you need.

Waterproof, Inflates using car outlet socket, Multi-purpose

Requires frequent top-ups, No manual pumping options

53" x 35" x 0.01"
★ Our Top Pick
caloer inflatable car air mattress fron seat

CALOER Car Air Mattress

Thickened Inflatable
Check price

Including a safety baffle, 2 air pillows, 1 air pump, 3 gas nozzles, 2 repair pads, and 2 air foot piers this air mattress claims to use premium quality thick and velvety PVC to prevent air leaks

Nonslip base, waterproof, breathable eco-friendly fabric

No manual pumping options. The material doesn’t feel high quality

55" x 34.64" x 31.88"
basenji car air mattress for front seat

Basenji Car Air Mattress

Front & Back Seat
Check price

Featuring double-row seam edges and built-in storage this air mattress has double-sided use as well as a unique design to provide better support.

3 layer leak-proof design, built-in storage, pressure beating

Seams are prone to breakage and wear

68.9" x 31.5" x 3.9"
conila inflatable car air mattress front seat

Conlia Car Bed

Front Seat & Camping
Check price

The delicate plush material on this air mattress is skin-friendly and is great for indoor and outdoor usage as well as being a great guest bed option.

Affordable, dual valves, extra plush

Thin material, prone to leakages

53.94" x 34.25" x 17.72"
House day car air mattress front seat

House Day Car Bed

Car & Travel Bed
Check price

This fully flocked air mattress features a durable shell with pillows and a safety baffle included to keep you comfortable at an affordable price.

Safety baffle, universal design, 8 piece kit

No manual pumping or color options are included.

64.5" x 44" x 0.01"

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Sometimes it can be hard to know if an air mattress will fit in your vehicle’s front seats without testing it in person.

We have collected 9 of the best air mattresses that are small enough to fit across the front seats of most vehicles without being uncomfortable or leaving you without space to sleep. 

What Type of Air Mattress Do I Need for a Car?

If you’re needing an air mattress that will comfortably fit in your car then you may be surprised to know there are specific criteria you should consider before purchasing any single-sized mattress and hoping it will fit.

Planning ahead will help ensure you are comfortable when sleeping in your car and prevent any bad experiences from putting you off.

Car air mattresses are designed to fit within your vehicle, usually on the backseats.

It can be hard to choose the right type with several varieties on the market but our guide features the best information for air mattresses that will fit in the front and back of most standard-sized vehicles. 

Knowing the space available within your vehicle is a vital first step as having these dimensions will make the process of choosing the right mattress for your car much easier.

Start by accurately measuring the space, then ensure any air mattress you consider purchasing comes under these measurements to allow room for you to comfortably rest without feeling cramped.

Why Should I Buy A Car Air Mattress?

Sleeping in your car may not have the best reputation, but by using a car air mattress there are several benefits you may not have considered beforehand.

Not to mention it will save you money by eliminating the need for a hotel. 

Air mattresses are often regular campers’ most important piece of equipment.

They have so many varieties that are suitable for both in and out of the home and car air mattresses are no exception.

They can be used in your vehicle or as a camping mattress if you want to brave the outdoors.

These mattresses usually benefit from material that is easy to clean and a waterproof surface making them perfect if you happen to have your furry friend traveling with you.

It will keep them calm during a long road trip that may leave them feeling stressed or uncomfortable.

Most air mattresses have puncture-proof thick PVC layers so you should have no worries about them being punctured.

9 Best Air Mattresses for Front Seats

1. Rio Green Car Air Mattress

rio green car air mattress

Our first car air mattress comes with everything you need already included.

Featuring a mattress, headrest, two pillows, air pump, repair patches as well as two footstools that can double up as a cooler.

Rio Green has covered everything you need as a car sleeping newbie to get comfortable quickly without having to worry about the additional extras. 

Measuring 53 x 35 inches it is universally designed to fit into the front or back of most vehicles on the market with enough space to keep you elevated from the floor.

The material is waterproof and durable against signs of damage or wear and tear.

For regular use, it also features a handy travel bag that is easy to carry and stores all the included components in one place keeping it safe and your car clutter-free. 

This mattress comes with a 30-day free replacement or refund policy so if you did find it wasn’t the right fit for you, there is peace of mind that you won’t be missing out.

It also works well for camping, beaches, or any other adventures indoors or out keeping you comfortable on the go.

The mattress is inflated using the 12V outlet socket located in your vehicle and has a double layer inflate/ deflate valve keeping your mattress leak-free.


  • Waterproof
  • Comes with everything you need
  • Footstools double up as a cooler


  • Not sturdy
  • Requires regular air top-ups

2. CALOER Thickened Inflatable Car Air Mattress

caloer inflatable car air mattress fron seat

This air mattress by Caloer is a slightly more expensive version of our previous review but includes several more features that will provide you with a more comfortable experience.

The environmentally friendly PVC and skin-friendly bed supports your back for better sleep and includes 4 color options alongside their vertical stripe design for real bed-like comfort.

Including a safety baffle, 2 air pillows, 1 air pump, 3 gas nozzles, 2 repair pads, and 2 air foot peers this air mattress claims to use premium quality thick and velvety PVC to prevent air leaks.

However, many reviews claim the material does not live up to their expectations and feel this description to be slightly misleading.

However, this does not take away from the fact it is easy to use and store within your vehicle and can fit within 90% of vehicles comfortably.

The head guard increases the comfort and prevents any uncomfortable knocks to the head throughout the night as well as the breathable fabric prevents you from overheating with an eco-friendly flocked surface.


  • Leakproof double valves
  • Included headboard and pillows
  • 4 color options


  • No manual pumping options
  • Cheap feeling materials

3. House Day Car Bed Air Mattress for SUV RV Sleeping

House day car air mattress front seat

Another eco-friendly PVC option by House Day is this durable use and velvet feel surface that comes with everything you need in 8 handy pieces to keep you comfortable and safe when sleeping in your vehicle.

There is also a unique wavy design and anti-collision and anti-drop design that isn’t seen in many other car air mattresses on the market today. 

Including two air pillows, a protective headboard, safely baffle this impressive air mattress has a 1000lbs weight limit that can handle almost anything life throws at it.

It provides security with its thick stable shock absorbing pressures on a velvet-soft feel air mattress.

It also features microfiber which is a thermo-regulating material to keep you at the perfect temperature as well as being 30% more puncture-resistant, 30% more abrasion resistant, and 30% more tensile strength.

Finally, this air mattress has an impressive 3-year warranty for this product which gives even more reasons to choose this industry-leading brand for your car air mattress.

It comes with simple and easy-to-use instructions on how to inflate the mattress too making it user-friendly.


  • 1000lbs weight limit
  • Universal
  • Fully flocked


  • No manual pumping options
  • Strong scent during first use

4. Conlia Car Air Mattress Back Seat

conila inflatable car air mattress front seat

The delicate plush material on this air mattress is skin-friendly and is great for indoor and outdoor usage as well as being a great guest bed option in the future.

It is suitable for most vehicles with the space of 5 seats and is easily inflated using the included air pump, gas nozzle, and repair kits if needed.

The mattress also has a handy travel bag for convenient storage to keep your car clean and clutter-free.

It features 3 layers of sturdy material that inflates to 53.94 x 34.25 x 17.72 inches.

Overall this mattress is a great travel-friendly car mattress option that has several features that would be appealing to any car mattress user.


  • Two-color options
  • Extra plush
  • Affordable


  • Thin material

5. Basenji Car Air Mattress

basenji car air mattress for front seat

This multi-use air mattress can be used in the front and back of your car, as well as for outdoor use when camping and traveling.

Including a fast air pump that can inflate in just 5 minutes with an impressive 600lbs weight limit.

This air mattress is a fantastic and super affordable option for any adventure seekers. 

The new 2021 upgraded version features a new maximum weight support limit of 600lbs as well as an upgraded temperature range of -13℉ up to 122℉ by including cold-resistant materials that help the PVC to be more flexible and sturdy with regular use.

The honeycombed design provides better support and pressure relief making it a great medium-firm air mattress.

This car air mattress has all the desired features you’d expect from such a low-priced air mattress with the inclusion of a handy carry bag, repair kit, and very convenient built-in storage pocket.


  • Three color options
  • Suitable for most car sizes
  • 2021 upgraded version


  • Seams are prone to breakage

6. Ogland Inflatable Car Air Travel

OGLAND inflatable car air bed for travel

This unique design by Ogland is great if you find you don’t require a whole air mattress set up and just want to fill the footwell gaps in your vehicle to prevent a limited sleep surface within your car.

Available in three color options and with the option of an air pump at an additional cost this is a great way to get a quick, low-cost, and hassle-free night of sleep.

Measuring at 53.14″L x 15.7″W x 11″T and with optional snaps to separate or connect the two sections.

This durable air bed is made from high-quality PVC and sleek flocked material with the feeling of soft leather that can transform the front and back of your vehicle into a larger space to rest in. 

The separate inflation double airbag design makes it able to fit in almost any vehicle as well as being easily inflated in under 5 minutes.


  • Can be used alone or with other products tailored to your comfort
  • Compact
  • 440lbs weight limit


  • No air pump included
  • Not ideal if your seats don’t give you the comfort wanted

7. VaygWay Inflatable Car Air Mattress

VaygWay Inflatable Car Air Mattress Air Bed

VaygWay has created this blow-up sleeping pad with a universal fit designed to fit into the smallest of spaces, including your front seats.

It inflates easily using the 12V lighter socket of your vehicle and includes the nozzles you need to get fast inflation in just a few minutes. 

The smart design leaves space for the center console to prevent any uncomfortable bumps in the mattress as well as the two included pillows that pack away to save space. 

The premium quality fabric is moisture proof and anti-slip so it will stay in place and not slide around in your vehicle.

The high tensile strength is reliable and friction-resistant so you can get a great night’s sleep at a very affordable price.


  • Easy clean
  • Waterproof
  • 3 nozzles and pump included


  • Designed for back seats so maybe quite bulky in the front
  • No color option

8. Fms Car Travel Inflatable Cushion

fms inlatable cushion

This air mattress is similar to our previously reviewed products in that it will fill the gaps in your vehicle to create a longer sleep surface with an air inlet, a black bung, and a leak-proof cap in the airbed to avoid leakage.

This product isn’t waterproof like previous versions and doesn’t include any additional extras such as an air pump, puncture kits, or any other additional extras.

With a weight limit of 660lbs, there is no question about the durability of this product.

However, for the price, there are other options that include handy additional extras such as a 12v air pump and puncture repairs in case you did need to make a quick fix on the road.

It does benefit from fast 3-minute inflation and is small enough to fit in most front and back seat spaces however the flocked fabric is not very well ventilated which may prove uncomfortable and hot in such a confined space.


  • Two-color options
  • 52 x 10.8 x 13 inches


  • Deflates after 10hrs

9. HIRALIY Car Air Mattress

Hiraliy Car Air Mattress for audi q5

This air mattress contains everything you need at a comparably low price too, including an air mattress, two pillows, a safety baffle, an electric pump, and a repair patch that can all fit within the handy storage bag to take up minimal space once deflated.

It is customizable in firmness as the included air pump can be easily switched off to eliminate an overly firm mattress.

With two anti-leak valves, this mattress will hold air well and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use in any setting making it great value for money and you can reap all the benefits from this mattress. 

After 24hrs they do suggest the mattress has slight reinflation due to the natural air leak that will occur but this may not be too inconvenient if you aren’t too bothered by how firm or soft your mattress is for a quick rest.


  • Honeycomb design
  • Includes 2 pillows
  • Safety baffle


  • Will only fit the front seat of large vehicles


With most car air mattresses being designed for back seat use it can be hard to know which ones will work well in the front of your car too.

If you find yourself limited on storage space and struggling to fit everything into your car on trips away or even just the occasional overnight stop in your car.

Using our in-depth knowledge of air mattresses and the best brands on the market we have picked the best air mattresses for your money that will comfortably fit in almost any vehicle’s front seats

We hope this article has helped you to choose some of the best air mattresses to fit in your vehicle and eliminated the stress of having to read through 100’s of products.


Can I fit an air mattress in my car?

Most air mattresses are designed to conveniently fit within the space of many compact cars and SUVs by contouring around the features of the vehicle to keep you comfortable in even the smallest of spaces.

How do you inflate a car air mattress?

Most air mattresses on the market today will include the 12v air pump that can fit into the lighter slot on your vehicle and provide the power needed to inflate your air mattress from the comfort of your car and not require access to a mains plug.

Can you inflate an air mattress without a pump?

You can inflate an air mattress using almost any appliance that creates a directed air stream.

This can be a leaf blower, vacuum, or even hairdryer. 

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