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7 Best Air Mattresses For Seniors | Experts Choice

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King Koil Air Mattress

King Koil Air Mattress

Elevated Comfort
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Consumers Favorite

A great choice as is available in a variety of heights. The top layer is fully flocked ensuring that bedding stays in place and offers a comfortable sleeping surface. Quick inflation in under 2 minutes.

Feels like a normal bed. Variable inflation for the perfect level of comfort. Variety of heights available.

Can be a little too firm even when adjusted. Loses shape over time.

80'' x 60'' x 20''
600 lbs
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SOARZ Air Mattress Queen with Built-in Pump

SOARZ Air Mattress Queen

Raised 18"
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Seniors Comfort

The SOARZ mattress offers a great height perfect for elderly users. It has a built in pump for easy inflation and also features beam technology for great comfort and support.

Anti-skid base, Built-in pump, Air beam technology for greater comfort and support.

Does lose air overnight, requiring re-inflation, the storage bag does not fit the mattress.

80'' x 60'' x 18''
650 lbs
bedsure queen air mattress with built in pump

Bedsure Queen Air Mattress

Inflatable Waterproof
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Quick Inflation

A dual-chamber mattress that is raised to help support ease of getting in and out – making it a great choice for the elderly.

Long lasting. Comfortable. Height is perfect for tired legs.

Some deflation issues. Bubble cushion in the center can become uncomfortable.

80'' x 60'' x 18''
650 lbs
Brookstone Innovations Perfect Air Bed with Built-in Switch

Brookstone Innovations

Automatically Inflates & Deflates
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12″ Height

Available in 3 sizes and also 3 different heights. Comes with an internal pump that inflates and deflates the mattress.

Comfortable. Easy to use. Height is perfect – like a real mattress

Loses some air overnight. Air gathers in one pocket in the center after some extensive use.

74" x 39" x 24"
550 lbs
EZ INFLATE Queen Air Mattress with Built-in Dual Pump

EZ Inflate Queen Air Mattress

Luxury Double Hight
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Fast Inflation

The EZ Inflate air mattress is made from durable and puncture resistant PVC, with a soft and comfortable flocking top layer, great choice for couples, quick to inflate and also comes with adaptive support allowing you to adjust the firmness.

This air mattress inflates in less than 2 minutes and the built in pump has a double valve, making it easy to release air when needed. The EZ Inflate comes with a storage bag and is more budget friendly than similar air beds.

The EZ Inflate must be fully inflated 24 hours before first use to stretch out the PVC. Some issues with losing air. The sizing is a little off.

80" x 60" x 16"
600 lbs